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Collaborative Process & Meeting Notes

GSRC Structure Diagram_5.4.23.png

Within the overall collaborative, the co-convener group is made up of land management and governmental agencies with decision-making authority.  The co-convener group provides technical assistance, provides working groups with resources, meeting support and subject matter experts, and attends working group meetings.  Co-conveners will assist the working group in establishing clear sideboards consistent with law, policy and procedure.

The working group is comprised of representatives of local advocacy organizations, OHV industry representatives, outdoor recreation organizations, residential areas, and co-conveners. Working group members will work collaboratively on motorized recreation topics to achieve goals within project sideboards, determine priorities, obtain necessary information to assist with developing solutions, gather feedback from constituents and provide updates to the public.  The working group adheres to an agreed-upon set of process protocols to ensure collaborative and productive discussions.

  • See our process protocols HERE

Additional working groups can be added once needs are prioritized and recommended by the working group. 

The goal of the GSRC is for the working group to propose input for solutions that are well researched and viable.  These recommendations will be presented to the relevant authority for decision.

GSRC Process Diagram_11.16.22 new (1).png
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