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**Proposed Strategies Report Available Now**

Greater Sedona
Recreation Collaborative

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The Motorized Recreation Working Group of the GSRC has finalized the Proposed Strategies for Motorized Recreation in the Greater Sedona Area report for land managers and the public.

Please see the links below for information on the Working Group and the results of our efforts.

The report details a set of strategies for consideration by local land managers.  The three themes and associated strategies were collaboratively developed during Working Group meetings to improve conditions in and around Sedona for residents and visitors to the area. 

Exec summary - strategies graphic .png

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Introduction:  Starting in 2022, the City of Sedona, Coconino National Forest, Arizona State Parks & Trails, Arizona Game & Fish and Yavapai County began convening the Greater Sedona Recreation Collaborative (GSRC) as a comprehensive, partner oriented process to identify potential solutions for a range of issues related to outdoor recreation in the greater Sedona area.   Identified challenges and opportunities related to outdoor recreation currently include:

  • Motorized recreation (1st area of focus for Working Group Efforts)

  • Non-motorized recreation

  • Dispersed camping

  • Mitigating cultural impacts

  • Mitigating environmental impacts

The GSRC aims to develop viable strategies to better mitigate, manage and maintain sustainable recreation through a facilitated process that values knowledge sharing, partner engagement and consensus driven problem solving.

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Geography of the GSRC

The GSRC is a cross-jurisdictional process working within the current boundary that incorporates the interests of all partners involved in collaborative efforts. The dotted red line displays the current working boundary of the collaborative.

The current GSRC project boundary follows the Red Rock Ranger District boundary on the West, North, and East sides.  The Southern boundary utilizes Cornville and Beaverhead Flat roads, East to the Munds Mountain Wilderness boundary.

Explore this interactive map to learn more.

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